Monday, 29 June 2015

Outdoor advertising - Popularity of hoardings across India

Hoardings as a kind of outdoor advertising have been popular all over the world since a long time now. Like other countries India has also seen the technological growth in terms of using mechanism and aesthetics in creating hoardings. The arrival of digital hoardings is a good example that proves it. Despite this you cannot deny the fact that the traditional way of hoarding ads are very common and fruitful in India. The use and importance of hoardings in a huge country with a large population like ours is immense, as it is not only cost effective but is a highly successful form of advertising.   

India with its billion plus population has the potential to make or break a brand. That is the reason why advertisers want to use hoardings across India along with other Out Of Home Advertising techniques so as to make their product or service reach the masses in every part of the country. Irrespective of the fact whether a brand’s product is locally created or imported from across the globe, publishing it and making people aware of it by means of Outdoor Advertising is indeed helpful. Therefore Hoardings, Billboards and Unipoles are very important to make your presence felt in this country.   

Delhi being the capital of the country is definitely one of the cities where hoardings are extremely popular. Besides,the NCR region of Delhi is also equally prominent. This is evident from the fact that you can see endless attractive and effective hoardings in Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad areas. Some of the extremely interesting hoardings in Faridabad are present in many of its prominent locations. Same is the case with Noida and Ghaziabad. Moreover, cities like Jaipur which are very close to Delhi are also using hoardings and other popular Out Of Home tools of advertising. Hoardings in Jaipur have successfully been able to create the required buzz among its audiences about different products and services.

We encounter hoardings all the time in and around us. Ads featured in bus stops, foot-over-bridges, alongside roads etc., are all Hoardings and billboards.  These ads definitely grab one’s attention and influence the buying pattern of masses. It is therefore utmost important thing for advertisers to choose the most suitable vendor and the location so that their ad can grab more and more eyeballs. Once you finalize on the vendor they can give you the best options in terms of the location to place your hoarding.

City like Bangalore with a Rs. 100crore advertising industry and over 50,000 people being employed there is a huge market. Similar is the case with other metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai and so on.  Hoarding in Bangalore across the city portrays the popularity of the different form of Outdoor advertising media. 

In fact, not just the metro cities, hoardings, billboards and unipoles form an integral part of the area of advertising across small town and cities in the country. One can see these hoarding making their presence felt all across the country alongside the national highways. 


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