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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Keeping eyes on non-ticket revenue, Indian Railway to offer hoardings

For Indian Railways, advertising is a major source of non-tariff revenues therefore keeping eyes on nearly Rs 2,000 crore annual revenue from non-tariff sources. Indian Railway is ready to reach out to big names from the advertising world for spaces in trains, level crossings and areas along the tracks.

Globally, the advertisements are one of the major sources of revenue generation for railway industries, but in India it seems to be a source of earning that not used much for the same. The Indian Railways now accelerate to go do even better in the advertising arena with an aim to increase revenue in the next two years.

The new policy recommends ‘Rail Display Network’ as a part of it, which reorganizes big LED screens or hoardings at station buildings, platforms, foot over bridges for the means of advertising. The policy will offer Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising and allow monetization of railway assets by means of advertising.

As per the policy, the Indian Railways will allow advertising around the unused area along the tracks, the road over bridges and level-crossing gates.

Firstly, the Rail Display Network will be initiated at 25 stations, including Old Delhi, Varanasi, and Jaipur afterwards it will be extended to other major stations.

This will offer interior and exterior advertisement or product sampling on trains for a long-term basis leading to the comprehensive earnings.

Advertisement through the vinyl wrapping of train exterior (including windows of AC coaches) and inside the coaches shall be allowed. Sample products will be distributed free of cost to monitor the reaction of the passengers to the product. The train advertising or branding packages will be offered through phased bidding that may start with premium trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi.

For the upcoming policies, Indian Railways to put maximum stress on advertising by taking reference that cricket (sports) allows ads even on the stumps. 

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Electronic Hoardings in Delhi.

The field of out of home advertising has experience growth over the past few years. Prime factors being advantages associated with it and decline in areas such as T.V ads (which have a much wider audience than billboards).
Certain things have driven growth like memory. It is possible for over 90% viewers to recall billboard ads. Similarly there have been many changes over the past few decades, transforming the entire out of home advertising industry. Billboards have become slicker.
Not only that, but digitization is also helping a lot. The ads have become more accessible today as compared to the past. Environmentalists have used them to awareness about the various issues we face today in regards to nature.
E.g. A group hired 600 advertising spots across Paris during the COP 21. These places than later featured many ads creating awareness, mocking pollution giants etc. So good were the ads that all the news organizations across the world showcased it.
This exciting development can be looked forward to and see the industry grow through them. One of the main reasons for out of home advertising to flourish in a phone savvy world is the ability to adapt. If humans become more and more occupied by their phones the outdoor ads keeps getting better to be relevant. Customers attracted bye.g. using fragrant smell, colors, humour etc.For outdoor advertising, future is worth looking forward to.

About Hoardingindia.in

We realize the potential of outdoor media and work to fully utilize it for our clients. Due to a large network across the country, an uninterrupted stream of locations can be made available. We also cater to vendors for mutual benefit and progress.
At Hoarding India, we comes first before I. Encapsulated in the below mentioned example are the services we are capable of providing to our clients.
Airport/Metro Pillar Branding, Digi pod advertising in Delhi, Wall Wraps Advertising in Delhi, Hoardings in Delhi, Hoardings in Delhi – NCR, Media outdoor advertising Delhi Hoarding Contractors Delhi, Electronic Hoardings in Delhi.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

How offbeat OOH advertising can help you..?

Advertisement has various realms and each of them is equally effective in reaching out the consumers. OOH, short for Out of home advertising is a marketing concept that focuses on reaching out to the consumers while they are out of their homes. This concept is best suited for public places, where people come quite often and spend a significant amount of time. As a result of people going outside their homes, this marketing method has proved to be extraordinarily efficient.

The traditional OOH format of advertisement always has been Billboards that has grown throughout these years. These hoarding boards of different sizes and shapes have been used in different businesses and have been placed in various kinds of commercial locations to promote a brand, product or service

The best part about this format is that it can be used in most of the locations outside, be it road, street, field or a residential neighbourhood. All that matters is that there is much potential for this particular advertising industry.

An outdoor campaign can be easily executed by an efficient advertising company that covers all major mediums. However, for any offbeat OOH advertising to be successful, a few factors play an important role. Unless these are paid attention to, the campaign might not get the desired results.

     ·        An outdoor hoarding board extensively depends on the location that has been chosen for its display. The main reason a location is crucial is because when a large number of people are to be targeted for advertisement, one must look for a place that hosts (in a general way) a good number of people on a routinely basis.

·        Almost any place outdoors can be chosen as the target place for hoarding board display. Places such as major roads, market areas, freeways, highways, buildings, bridges, bus stops etc. are the prime areas where these OOH advertisement boards can be hung.

·        Apart from just the location, the specific requirement of a business is the initial factor that determines the tonality of the OOH campaign which helps in affecting the target audience. Because every business sells a service or a product for a particular customer group, the campaign thus needs to be appropriate for the specific variants.

·        While targeting public places for the offbeat OOH advertising, one can expect to get exposed to a huge number of people every day. This means, the hoarding board should be designed in the best way possible, with specific information to fetch back the customer.
If out of home advertising concept is further segregated for its alternative media formats, then any business can target a wide range of places such as transit, street and furniture advertising.

Why your business should opt for OOH advertising?

Advertising should be done in all major forms, especially if you want to reach out to the masses and make your brand known by all. This is why out of home advertising by the means of hoarding boards is one of the best ways to spread word about your business. Since people love graphics, these boards, when designed optimally to catch the attention of by passers can get your business noticed by all.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Offbeat Hoarding Boards: A premium outdoor advertising medium.

Offbeat Hoardings or billboards are a premium and the oldest way to advertise products and services outdoors. Being a traditional form of advertising and marketing, these boards prove to be efficient when it comes to reaching out to the masses, without having to move it from place to place. Even though there are many other forms of marketing nowadays, companies still prefer this kind of outdoor marketing gimmick to ensure their brand awareness.

Offbeat hoarding boards of various sizes are designed, printed and arranged to be placed on different locations for advertising purpose. The site could be a famous market joint, outside a mall, near houses and so on. The sites are totally dependent on the kind of crowd the client wants to target on. A board will be specifically designed once the client has decided the location, because then only the hoarding size can be determined, based on the surrounding area and the space required by the board. For instance, many business owners who want an economical way for outdoor advertising rely on small locations where they can get digitally printed billboards to speak for their business. This helps them to cut the cost but at the same time ensure that the people exposed to it will read the board and know about their business.

This process usually takes some time in order to determine the various designs and how to make sure that the offbeat hoarding board would create a lasting impact on the possible consumers. Because the board’s main job is to create brand awareness, it is extremely important that the design conceived and the content on it is impactful enough that it provides enough information to the consumer and leaves them curious for more. This is how a business can sell itself and get new customers who are inquisitive about the trade.

These boards have always remained as a primitive and an effective way of advertisement in the business since a long duration. They are not only an eye-catching, curiosity generator and information provider billboards – they are a direct way to bring in new customers everyday who want to avail your services. These signs and boards are suitable for all kinds of business and advertising needs and rarely do they get ignored by the people.

Be it text, graphics or images, these offbeat hoardings are an ideal canvas for your business, where you can, regardless of your business type, speak for your services and features. Moreover, these boards can be printed in different sizes, making it possible for most of the business owners to choose from. These boards are fully committed to grabbing the attention of your possible customers who might be actually looking for you.

Whatever your business needs maybe, whatever your services maybe, if you are looking forward to boost your sales without being too obvious, then going for these made to order boards will be the best investment for your business. These graphically alluring and informative board posts are the best arrangement for your business advertising and you can choose the location as well. With countless of years as being a proven method of marketing, you too can choose to benefit from the efficient and quality filled offbeat hoarding boards that can deliver your business the right amount of awareness and presence everywhere. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Online trading of hoarding boards, Indication board, Billboard.

As we step outside our homes, we come across various hoarding boards that are put up by several companies who want to promote their business. These outdoor hoardings are considered as the most relevant form of communication with a consumer, who may or may not be interested in a particular brand's products.

The modern day hoarding boards have evolved from mere posters that were painted on sheets or clothes that were hung roadsides and outdoors to inform the commuters about something. Now, the same concept has been modernized and made more popular, courtesy the inclusion of the technology that ensures a complete engagement from the consumer side. Online trading of hoarding boards is now even simpler because of various media and advertising companies providing these services at competent prices. This makes it completely simple for a business owner to approach them for their specific advertising requirements.

The hoardings or billboards are more than just a canvas portraying some information. To businesses, it is one of the most crucial method of reaching out to their possible customers. By using this medium in everyday life, the brands are now possible to interact with its customer live whenever they are outside from the home. Be it a simple signage, medium size hoarding or a huge board, a business owner can choose from a wide variety of options to publicize its services.

For businesses who are on the outlook of online hoarding boards, you must make sure that the advertising companies that you are scanning provide an array of out of home advertising mediums. Since the boards can be displayed almost anywhere outdoors, a business must look into the potential mediums that have a higher level of interaction with people on a routinely basis. For example, transit options such as buses, railways, cabs are a necessary transport option that people use every day. So this OOH advertising option for hoarding board must be considered. Similarly, the street furniture such as bus stops, subway stands, mall cabins etc. are also regularly used by people, hence they are equally good from the advertisement point of view. 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Outdoor Advertising These Days - Hoarding India

Modern day advertising in outdoors is totally different from what it used to be in the olden times. Although the formats are same, the inclusion of advanced technology has revamped the face of outdoor advertising that had made it more relevant and fruitful in terms of bringing business.

What started as plain banners painted on cloth sheets in old days has now changed into digital outdoor advertising. While this evolution has been pretty much significant, its important over the course of its journey cannot be ignored. The modern day outdoor advertising is vast and covers a major portion of marketing industry, which is why it keeps on benefiting all the trades.

With the new age concepts, out of home advertising has become a particular domain that attracts much more consumers than any other medium. The reason behind it is that OOH advertising involves all possible mediums for marketing that are used by people every day. Whether one is commuting through bus, subway, air flight, or sitting at a mall bench, these ads are everywhere.

The outdoor or out of home advertising mainly focuses on the three main categories such as billboards, transport, street furniture and miscellaneous. In fact, the ratio of OOH advertising industry is increasing day by day as it tends to cater right from home run businesses to multinational corporations.

Out of the four categories, Billboards are the oldest that have been used throughout the ages. This particular media format worked wonders for many businesses as the boards were primarily hung outside on the roads, streets and almost everywhere. The same format grew into digital billboards, which, in recent years have been excessively used throughout countries like USA, Japan, and London to name a few.

The best part about out of home advertisement campaigns is that the mediums used in it such as hoarding boards, street furniture such as bus stops, mall cabins, telephone booth and transport options such as buses, taxis, subways etc. are all used by people every day. Because of this, there is a higher level of interaction with the potential consumers, which are many in number.

The latest digital billboards have a higher ROI as they engage a higher number of people every day. The digital sign age, flash banners and screens are all the modern face of outdoor advertising that continues to grow with every passing day. With the growing technology, we can’t wait to see how exclusive this advertising will get in the future. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Advertising is the best media platform to promote products and services in Lucknow

Advertising is one of the best media platforms to promote products and services in Lucknow. The city is the largest market of advertising in Uttar Pradesh, projected at more than Rs 200 crore. Newspapers, periodicals, and radio and television are the popular means of broadcasting in the city. However, in the recent times, the Out Of Home (OOH) or the Outdoor Advertising Services are gaining momentum in Lucknow.

Lucknow is a city that offers good blend of comforts of a small city while offering its residents the advantages of a big city. This blend has made Lucknow one of the best cities in India. A recent survey which states that Lucknow is the second happiest city in the country proves the fact. When you have a city with happy and content people, the business and commerce of that city is bound to improve. When business increases the need for advertising and publishing the business also enhances.         

Lucknow allows its people to have enough time to enjoy life with friends and family. And with the improved standard of life and infrastructure, Lucknow is no longer lagging behind when compared to luxuries of metro cities.  All thanks to Media and Advertising, especially outdoor advertising people are getting aware of any new and latest products and services that arrive in the market.   

Outdoor Advertising is one such popular technique that has reached all across the country, including small cities. With premium quality of Hoardings, Unipoles and Billboards, the OHH form of advertising has been successful in effectively influencing the right audiences everywhere.

Moreover, the tier-II cities in the country have been getting all the more attention of big brands and advertisers of late. These cities have been successful in gaining recognition from renowned brands and companies from across the country and beyond. Lucknow being one such popular tier-II city and the capital of Uttar Pradesh has been widely targeted by advertisers via various forms of Advertising.  Moreover the entrance of large number of Outdoor Advertising agencies in the city has also helped turn Lucknow as a sought after city for advertisers. 

Along with the traditional tools, these advertisers are also using OHH modes of advertising like Hoardings, Billboards, Unipoles and Mobile advertising to target the right audiences. The fact that this Outdoor Advertising is cost effective and long lasting makes it all the more viable. By choosing the right vendor and by positioning the product or service properly, it is very easy for advertisers to get noticed these days. 

Lucknow definitely presents each and every quality required to make a product shine in terms of business. The city serves the advertisers well by offering a great amount of good agencies that provide best Outdoor Advertising facilities in the city. You can see outdoor ads in the bus stops, malls and multiplexes, across foot-over-bridges as hoardings and billboards. You can also see them in the form of Unipoles and Mobile hoardings alongside roads and all over the city and it is a fact that the more you get seen, the more you get sold.  

Monday, 29 June 2015

Outdoor advertising - Popularity of hoardings across India

Hoardings as a kind of outdoor advertising have been popular all over the world since a long time now. Like other countries India has also seen the technological growth in terms of using mechanism and aesthetics in creating hoardings. The arrival of digital hoardings is a good example that proves it. Despite this you cannot deny the fact that the traditional way of hoarding ads are very common and fruitful in India. The use and importance of hoardings in a huge country with a large population like ours is immense, as it is not only cost effective but is a highly successful form of advertising.   

India with its billion plus population has the potential to make or break a brand. That is the reason why advertisers want to use hoardings across India along with other Out Of Home Advertising techniques so as to make their product or service reach the masses in every part of the country. Irrespective of the fact whether a brand’s product is locally created or imported from across the globe, publishing it and making people aware of it by means of Outdoor Advertising is indeed helpful. Therefore Hoardings, Billboards and Unipoles are very important to make your presence felt in this country.   

Delhi being the capital of the country is definitely one of the cities where hoardings are extremely popular. Besides,the NCR region of Delhi is also equally prominent. This is evident from the fact that you can see endless attractive and effective hoardings in Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad areas. Some of the extremely interesting hoardings in Faridabad are present in many of its prominent locations. Same is the case with Noida and Ghaziabad. Moreover, cities like Jaipur which are very close to Delhi are also using hoardings and other popular Out Of Home tools of advertising. Hoardings in Jaipur have successfully been able to create the required buzz among its audiences about different products and services.

We encounter hoardings all the time in and around us. Ads featured in bus stops, foot-over-bridges, alongside roads etc., are all Hoardings and billboards.  These ads definitely grab one’s attention and influence the buying pattern of masses. It is therefore utmost important thing for advertisers to choose the most suitable vendor and the location so that their ad can grab more and more eyeballs. Once you finalize on the vendor they can give you the best options in terms of the location to place your hoarding.

City like Bangalore with a Rs. 100crore advertising industry and over 50,000 people being employed there is a huge market. Similar is the case with other metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai and so on.  Hoarding in Bangalore across the city portrays the popularity of the different form of Outdoor advertising media. 

In fact, not just the metro cities, hoardings, billboards and unipoles form an integral part of the area of advertising across small town and cities in the country. One can see these hoarding making their presence felt all across the country alongside the national highways. 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Rising popularity of Unipole advertising in Delhi – Hoarding India

Unipole advertising is a form of advertising where a frame structure is attached atop a single pole. More or less like a billboard, Unipole or Monopole is a popular advertising form which strikes the consumer easily because of their large size and the fact that they are easily visible from far away. You can see numerous Unipole advertisements alongside highways. To add brightness to the Unipole ads, a light box or front-lit illumination is commonly seen to be used in such ads.

These single pole ads are rapidly striking cord with the consumers in Delhi as well, like in other cities in the country. Thereby, these Unipole ads have proved as effective technical solutions to make brands more visible and popular along the roads
One primary advantage that Unipole ads have is with regards to its rectangular shape, which allows advertisers to use the space more creatively. This space also allows advertisers to enhance their focus on the message being delivered to the audience.

There are a large number of advertising companies and firms who offer Unipole advertisements in Delhi covering almost each and every prime area in the Delhi NCR region. These firms ensure that the brand they are endorsing gets maximum coverage and visibility. By using their creativity and imagination the advertisements are created in a way that they remain fresh in the minds of their audience and draw their attention.

Another advantage of Unipole advertisement is that these single pole ads can easily resist the wind, even if it is fierce.  Moreover, they can endure high temperature and wind abrasion too. Not only are this, the Unipole ads are of superior quality and so the maintenance interval of such ads is quite long.
Single Pole surfaces are mostly anti-rust and anti-Ultraviolet, which also saves them from damage to a great extent. These poles are durable and robust and can resist high earthquakes too. Each component of a Unipole is linked with high power friction grip bolt to give them the right support.

Designed perfectly based on high mechanics and aesthetics, these Unipole ads can meet the varying demands of their advertisers. The best part about these Unipole ads is that they are highly flexible and can be assembled in no time. Similarly, it doesn't take much time to dismantle them as well.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Demand of Outdoor Advertising in E-commerce Business - Hoarding India

In today’s world eCommerce business is growing and spreading like never before. For obvious reasons outdoor advertising agencies are also concentrating on eCommerce business to widen the scope for their business. As the time passes by online advertising of hoarding company in India is also getting room for more expansion. Outdoor advertising basically depicts the promotion that reaches to the potential clients while they are roaming around.

Any types of outdoor media such as hoardings, billboard, posters, and banners are the important parts of outdoor advertising. As nowadays the world is constantly roaming around the online marketing and the world of internet, the outdoor advertising agencies of India, especially in Delhi are not behind in this race. Hoardings in Noida, hoardings in Jaipur and even places like Bihar and Haryana all are picking up digital billboards to promote business.

In eCommerce business generally people concentrate more on online marketing than on offline promotion. But these days’ people are getting more conscious about their marketing strategy while promoting their business. Opting for an outdoor media not only help advertisers to get in touch with the potential customers who are constantly traveling but also attract such people who are unable to use online portals.

Apart from being the capital of the country, Delhi is one of the largest metropolitan cities of India. Entrepreneurs of the state always look for out of home advertising to promote their business. The experienced outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi have lot of facilities to offer. Such as
·         In-shop branding

  • ·         Digi pods
  • ·         Digital hoardings
  • ·         Car/Mobile van branding
  • ·         Indication board advertising
  • ·         Digital billboards
  • ·         Posters and banners
  • ·         Advertising in traffic trolley
  • ·         Bus shelter branding
  • ·         Airport metro pillars branding
  • ·         Wall wraps branding and much more

Apart from the above mentioned activities another unique outdoor media is pole kiosk branding. There are many pole kiosk advertising agencies Delhi offers for the out of home promotions. All these outdoor activities help eCommerce business to spread more and reach to those people who are still not accustomed with online business. The short yet catchy taglines, attention grabbing designs and prime locations make these hoardings more popular and demanding for the advertisers and businessmen.

As said earlier that almost the entire world is wandering around the world of internet the companies that deal in hoarding advertising in India are also walking into the world of eCommerce where one does not need to visit the agency, they can easily select the preferable locations and place the order in such affordable rates.

Talking about the outdoor media Delhi has some of the expert agencies which not only provide outdoor hoardings in creme locations of the state but also provide several prime locations in other states of the country as well. One of such outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi is Hoarding India. The expert team of this agency helps their clients to expand their business all over the country through all types of below the line outdoor promotional activities.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hoardings - The Traditional yet Most Popular Form of Outdoor Advertising - Hoarding India

Outdoor advertising is one of the most popular means of endorsing business. Basically outdoor advertising means marketing of specific products or services to the customers when they are traveling. Unlike print media where one can skip the advertisement by turning over the page or electronic media where they can easily change the channel, outdoor hoardings are there on the roads for anyone to see. In India the rate of growth of hoarding business is sharply increasing by the time. Delhi, the heart and the capital of India, has some of the best outdoor advertising agencies. These outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi not only provide hoardings in different parts of the country but also provide other methods of out-of-home promotions as well.

Though hoardings are the traditional yet most popular ways of promoting business but there are also other products like:

•    Pillar branding
•    Wall wrap branding
•    Pole kiosk
•    In-Shop branding
•    Mobile van advertising
•    Bus shelter branding
•    Bus and other public vehicles branding
•    Posters and banners
•    Post cards
•    Aerial advertising and much more.

In Delhi, airport/metro pillar branding can be seen more often. People who regularly travel by metro or avail flights can notice these pillar branding easily. There are companies which offer wall wraps advertising in Delhi for the small entrepreneurs who have limited budget for marketing. Also in case of advertising in Busque shelter Delhi offers best contractors in India.

As the young generation is more interested in digitization and latest technologies, outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi provide high quality digital hoardings in India. 3D hoarding is one such kind of digital hoardings. Whether it is electronic hoardings or non-digital hoardings, one should keep the fact in mind that people commonly notice the unique boards. So considering the fact, advertisers should make their billboards eye-catching and noticeable by using unique messages and design.

There are some big outdoor advertising agencies in Delhi that offer hoardings in all over India. One can get hoardings in different states and cities of the nation. For the people who want to market their product in specific cities can visit these agencies. Hoardings in Gurgaon or hoardings in Surat, one can select any city or region where they want to endorse their product and services through these expert agencies.

All these agencies not only help the entrepreneurs to endorse their products but also help them to expand their business through effective outdoor marketing. Time has immensely changed so does the choice and preference of the people. But the popularity of hoardings in outdoor advertising business remains the same. In India, preferably in Delhi, one can find several excellent outdoor agencies that offer creme locations in commendably reasonable price. Cost of hoardings in Delhi depends on the locations clients prefer. Highly popular places are expensive than the remote areas.

These companies can be found online as well. One needs to visit the websites to select their preferred locations. People actually do not need to rush to the locations to find one such lucrative place to endorse their product. They can run their promotion in any area of the country from their office through these online facilities of these outdoor advertising agencies. One such company is Hoarding India. If anyone is willing to expand business and wanting to participate in effective outdoor marketing it is highly suggested to visit Hoarding India.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Outdoor Advertising and Hoarding Companies in India - Hoarding India

Hoarding India collaborates with over 350 outdoor advertising and hoarding companies in India . We reach audience in every corner of the country through hoardings and other related media . We are a one stop shop for launching Outdoor Campaigns anywhere and every where in India. With our presence in every state , city , village and roads of India we are an ideal choice for clients looking for Outdoor Campaigns in any part of the country www.hoardingindia.com