Thursday, 16 July 2015

Outdoor Advertising These Days - Hoarding India

Modern day advertising in outdoors is totally different from what it used to be in the olden times. Although the formats are same, the inclusion of advanced technology has revamped the face of outdoor advertising that had made it more relevant and fruitful in terms of bringing business.

What started as plain banners painted on cloth sheets in old days has now changed into digital outdoor advertising. While this evolution has been pretty much significant, its important over the course of its journey cannot be ignored. The modern day outdoor advertising is vast and covers a major portion of marketing industry, which is why it keeps on benefiting all the trades.

With the new age concepts, out of home advertising has become a particular domain that attracts much more consumers than any other medium. The reason behind it is that OOH advertising involves all possible mediums for marketing that are used by people every day. Whether one is commuting through bus, subway, air flight, or sitting at a mall bench, these ads are everywhere.

The outdoor or out of home advertising mainly focuses on the three main categories such as billboards, transport, street furniture and miscellaneous. In fact, the ratio of OOH advertising industry is increasing day by day as it tends to cater right from home run businesses to multinational corporations.

Out of the four categories, Billboards are the oldest that have been used throughout the ages. This particular media format worked wonders for many businesses as the boards were primarily hung outside on the roads, streets and almost everywhere. The same format grew into digital billboards, which, in recent years have been excessively used throughout countries like USA, Japan, and London to name a few.

The best part about out of home advertisement campaigns is that the mediums used in it such as hoarding boards, street furniture such as bus stops, mall cabins, telephone booth and transport options such as buses, taxis, subways etc. are all used by people every day. Because of this, there is a higher level of interaction with the potential consumers, which are many in number.

The latest digital billboards have a higher ROI as they engage a higher number of people every day. The digital sign age, flash banners and screens are all the modern face of outdoor advertising that continues to grow with every passing day. With the growing technology, we can’t wait to see how exclusive this advertising will get in the future. 


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