Thursday, 14 July 2016

Electronic Hoardings in Delhi.

The field of out of home advertising has experience growth over the past few years. Prime factors being advantages associated with it and decline in areas such as T.V ads (which have a much wider audience than billboards).
Certain things have driven growth like memory. It is possible for over 90% viewers to recall billboard ads. Similarly there have been many changes over the past few decades, transforming the entire out of home advertising industry. Billboards have become slicker.
Not only that, but digitization is also helping a lot. The ads have become more accessible today as compared to the past. Environmentalists have used them to awareness about the various issues we face today in regards to nature.
E.g. A group hired 600 advertising spots across Paris during the COP 21. These places than later featured many ads creating awareness, mocking pollution giants etc. So good were the ads that all the news organizations across the world showcased it.
This exciting development can be looked forward to and see the industry grow through them. One of the main reasons for out of home advertising to flourish in a phone savvy world is the ability to adapt. If humans become more and more occupied by their phones the outdoor ads keeps getting better to be relevant. Customers attracted bye.g. using fragrant smell, colors, humour etc.For outdoor advertising, future is worth looking forward to.


We realize the potential of outdoor media and work to fully utilize it for our clients. Due to a large network across the country, an uninterrupted stream of locations can be made available. We also cater to vendors for mutual benefit and progress.
At Hoarding India, we comes first before I. Encapsulated in the below mentioned example are the services we are capable of providing to our clients.
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